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Take a look below to see my early characters page. Coming Soon... Each character gets his/her own page with pictures.

Harry Rule

Harry Rule: private investigator. Harry was married and had one son named John (See "With A Little Help From My Friends"). Out side his job Harry led a fairly quiet life. He lived in an apartment in London with his maid Suki. Rule was a man of few words who was perfectly capable of enjoying the fine things in life. He visits the shooting gallery every Wensday, plays Chess with his friend Caroline di Contini and most notabely he enjoys cooking gourmet food. His friends say his cooking expertise is eggs. Modest about this talent not often found in Private Investigators, Harry believes he is only lukewarm in the kitchen. Well... Outwardly at least. Rule had formerly been operateing his agency from New York but moved to London, probably to escape his divorce and start over fresh. Harry also owns a dog who goes by the name of Gus. Like all Protectors, Harry owns a computer he uses to decode, send messages etc. Please note this to large to be a desktop model of today and to small to be a computer of that day. Gus and the computer both disapeared quickly. While on cases and outside England Harry often drives a Ford Mustang which has been his signature car. In London he drives the much cooler but similar looking Jensen Interceptor.

Paul Buchet

At first glance, Paul Buchet was the minor Protector second to the comparitive star power of Nyree Dawn Porter and Robert Vaughn. But the back story said that the Contessa was not in any way responsible for the formation of The Protectors Orginazation. It was actually Paul and Harry. The two were both working on the same case independantly in Marseilles when they both decided an orginazation was needed to "draw upon the talents of agents around the globe.". Paul lived in Paris, France. Not much else is said about his character he was suave and sophisticated and well dressed. Well dressed for the 70's. He liked to drive motorcycles. We only saw him driveing one once however in "Disappearing Trick". There wasn't much else said about him.

Caroline di Contini

Originally, The Contessa di Contini was to be a man. But Gerry Anderson's boss, ATV head cast Nyree Dawn Porter causeing Anderson no small headaches in the script department. The Contessa di Contini was a wealthy widow (a common stereotype in British spy shows.) who married the Count di Contini. She lives in Rome and enjoys fenceing, swiming and drives a go-kart. She plays on the horses drives a rolls-royce and drinks the finest wines. She lives large, glamorous, and dangerously. She bears a lot in common with The Avengers' Emma Peel and Thunderbirds' Lady Penelope. Obviously her inspirations. Her actress, (Nyree Dawn Porter) evidently had turned down an offer to play the lead in The Avengers. Here are some comments she made about her character.

"She is quite a remarkable lady- a girl who has built up her own detective agency and is now one of the Protectors orginasation. She is everything you would expect a Contessa to be, but she is also very tough and shrewd and an expert with the rapier. I've had to take fenceing lessons."


Suki was Harry Rule's housekeeper. She was often kidnapped, drugged or held hostage so people she could get at her boss. But Suki wasn't your typical damsel in distress. She is an expert at Karate and other martial arts and serves as Harry's instructor in this field. She also is an amatuer massage thereapist, to Harry's delight. Suki rarely leaves the apartment, except to walk Harry's dog, Gus or buy groceries. In some episodes, we see her meeting friends on the street, which helps give her character more humanity. Her actress Yasuko Nagazumi, went on to appear in Anderson's next series, Space: 1999.


Chino was the Contessa's effeciant judo expert/bodyguard. He helps the Protectors often with muscle work, beating up bad guys mostly. He apparently carries a gun. I believe the Contessa saved his life once, so that is why he became her man servant. Chino is friendly toward his boss, but a romance was never suggested. Thankfully. Chino, like Suki, disappeared in the second season. It's a shame.

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