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The Music
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The John Cameron Score

Every film is driven by it's music to some extent, and the Protectors is not excluded. The opening theme is exciting and sets the tone for the episode to come. The composer was a John Cameron, a film composer who still works in the industry writing music for plays, film and television. The music was quite beautiful and to my knowledge he has never been released on CD or record. Cameron was also responsible for the music in The Persueders and The Investigator. I hope to provide snippets on this site when possible, so stay tuned.

Here are the lyrics to the classic end theme song. This song was a fairly succsesful chart hit in its day. #42 on the national chart I beleive. You can hear the song in the multimedia section.

Avenues and Alleyways

Sung by Tony Christie

Written and produced by Mitch Murray and Peter Callender for City Hall


Published by ATV Music Ltd

Sleep like a baby,

My little lady,

Dream till the sunrise

Creeps into your eyes

Dream till the sunrise

Turns on the day.

In the Avenues and Alleyways

While you sleep there's a whole world coming alive

Abel and his brother, fighting one another

In and out of every dive

The Avenues and Alleyways

Where the strong and the quick alone can survive

Look around the jungle

See the rough and tumble

Listen to a squealer cry

Then a little later

In the morning paper

Read about the way he died.

Wake up my pretty

Go to the city

Stay through the daytime

Safe in the sunshine

Stay till the daytime

Turns into night.

In the Avenues and Alleyways

Where a mans gotta work out which side he's on

Any way he chooses

Chances are he loses

No one gets to live too long

The avenues and alleyways

Where the soul of a man is easy to buy

Everybody's wheeling

Everybody's dealing

All the low are living high

Every city's got em

Can we ever stop em

Some of us've gotta try.

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