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Your Witness
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Written by Donald James
Directed by Jeremy Sumers
Guest Starring Stephanie Beacham

The protectors are hired to safe guard a witness to a murder named Christie. They put her up in a hotel with Paul as a bodyguard. But she disobeys orders and opens the shutters and is kidnapped. Then the Contessa learns that the murder was involved 700,000 heist...

I don't particularly care for this episode, but it grows on you. Sherwood Price, who is credited as "Executive in Charge of Ferdporqui Productions" (but is really Bob Vaughn's businuess partner) makes his first of three appearences in the first season. The exploding cigarette is a Bond device that was seen "You Only Live Twice" oddly enough, killing Anthony Chinn (Chino) as a control operator.




Incidential Music

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