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AnderBurr Records
Star Fleet
Episode Guide


Meet the heroes and villans!

Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein

In 1973 a Dr. Stein donated genetic matter to a cloneing expierement in a hospital in Texas. From the brilliant Stein came nine clones. Nine Steins. The clones were seperated and each was raised in a different part of the world. The nineth clone became Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein. He was a high ranking offical untill he steped down and he and Hiro created the Terrahawks. Ninestein is not a typical hero. He is apparently in his late forties, certainly past his prime romanticly. Never the less he and Mary Falconer share a relationship. Tiger is politicly a liberal and his opinions often cause arguments with Mary. Usally over topics such as innocent life, fairness etc. Never the less the two remain firm friends. He also bickers with Seargent Major Zero, as Zero believes himself to be human, not robot, and thusly frequently disobeys orders and disregards programming, to Ninestein's torment. Tiger also has a
signifigant appetite for his favourite food-- Crab's Claw (No really) and drinks expensive coffee. At first I didn't like ninestein. He's unusal, not really a very typical hero who puts duty before principal. Still, he's a lot like Straker in UFO. He's not really my type, but you get to like him. Oh yeah. If he is killed, he is replaced by another clone who adopts his brain patterns. Joe Nintystein!

Mary Falconer

Mary Falconer was born into a family of heroes. Space pilots and diplomats. She didn't fit the mold. Appropriately, all her family was killed before the events of Terrahawks take place. She had several distinguished jobs before she was assigned to Terrahawks. Okay. Now for the commentary. Mary Falconer was nuts. She argued constantly with a man she said she loved who was ten+ years older than her. She was always wailing about one topic or another constantly. "Innocent life Tiger!" "It showed... Compassion!" etc. But yet I know there are a lot of Mary fans out there so I will highlight positive features. She was very polite and elagent. Madly in love with Tiger, she fixed him his favourite dish and used her natureal leadership qualities to make descions in the military department. She has a personal friendship with Zero, to Tiger's vexation. But she was very much over emotional and femine. She's not my favourite.

Kate Kestral

Kate was raised in Canada and had (like Mary and Hawkeye) a very distinguished career in flying. The most notable bit about Katie is her other career. You see, she's also a pop star (Boy some people have all the luck don't they?). Her fasion sense (80's fashion folks!) and personality makes her heroine material. She often drives Tiger's Rolls Royce, Hudson (See craft) and often hangs around with Zeroid 55 who helps her compose lyrics to her songs. She lives in a futeristic four story house not far from her recording studio, Anderburr Records, which is a direct reference to the producers, Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr. Her songs are award winning and she apparently was labeled the best in her solar system. She sung many of them throughout the series, as performed by a young singer named Moya Griffiths, who was frequently put through the torture of haveing to appear in person dressed as Kate. Kestral also wore a variety of colorful and poofy wigs. While flying she most frequntly wears pink, but has been seen in blue, yellow, green, and black (her hair's natural color). In short a lady who acts very normal, not realizeing how wild she is.

Leutainant Hiro

Hiro is the youngest member of the Terrahawks. His precise age is unknown as his nationality. You see there were these Japanese monks who were liveing on a mountain. One day they found a baby on the mountain slope. So they raised him. Hiro however was a child prodigy. Exceeding many older scientests in developeing new ideas, he and Ninestein devised the Terrahawks. Hiro also designed and built the Zeroids. Most of his time on duty is spent up on Spacehawk with his college Space Seargent 101. Hiro beleived they had a real bond and indeed they did. But 101, unlike Zero stuck so close to programing that he couldn't realize this if he wanted to. Hiro also had a way of mispronouncing various English phrases. "Well Hiro is this what you wanted?" "Exactory Doctor!" "I'm leaveing." "Have a good fright!" and most infamous of all "Your plants are in danger of infection from the Green Fly sir." "What Gleen Fry?". He also enjoyed talking to his wide variaty of potted plants. Reading them poems and such. But he was always a very capable officer.

Leutainant Hawkeye

Hedly Howard Henderson is his real name. It's easy to see why he likes to be called Hawkeye. An accident earlier in life left him in need of computer assisted vison, thus comes the nick name. Hawkeye hangs out with Kate and has a lot in common with 55. He likes to rhyme everything Kate says. Hmm. Kate likes men who rhyme. Hawkeye is a dead shot and an Olympic gold medalist. Busy isn't he? Interestingly, neither his auto-eye or his real name is mentioned during the series. He was kind of a poorly developed character and unforetunately he disappeared in later episodes. He's reminds me of Phones in Stingray.

More coming!

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