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Star Fleet
Episode Guide

See the Terrahawk ships in action!


The Battlehawk
is the Terrahawks' heavy equipment/flagship. It carries Battletank, a crew of the spherical Zeroids and the Terrahawk, which folds conveiniantly on the "back" of the craft. It serves as the control room where Ninestein and Captain Falconer sit. Seargent Major Zero has a "perch" which he sits on during liftoff and when not on duty. It also serves as his rechargeing station. The video screen, displays data, communications and of course, Tiger's favourite video game. To launch the White House where the Terrahawks are based opens and Battlehawk lifts off from an underground bunker. It has a hold Where Hudson is stored on ocasion. To unload Battletank, the under side of the craft opens and the tank is dropped, without landing!


is the Terrahawks in aptmosphere defense fighter. It is manned by two crew, Hawkeye is gunner and Kate Kestral is pilot. The pilot sits in the egg shell, the bottom half of the craft. Hawkeye sits in the gun bay, which is the wing, right behind the laser cannon. Hawkeye can also abandon the wing by moveing his cabin down to the egg shell. Hawkwing can also seperate, and the wing and shell can each fly solo. To launch, the craft flies through an underground tunnel which leads to the lake in front of the white house. A turbine creates a vortex in the lake so Hawkwing can shoot through and take off.

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