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Welcome to my website for Terrahawks!


As the banner above just stated, Welcome! If you've already heard of Terrahawks and are a fan... Congrats! Join the crowd. For those of you just learning I'll provide a brief introduction... In 2020 a Mars base is destroyed by an evil android called Zelda. Her goal? To conquer the Earth and make it her home (along with a number of beasties and baddies) and destroy mankind. Defending the Earth from this menace, is Terrahawks. An elite fighting force organized by Dr. "Tiger" Ninestein to defend the Earth from the aliens. Oh yes and the entire series was made in the 80's with puppets.
If this sounds funky it is. But we love it just the same! The producer, Gerry Anderson, had a history of makeing similar puppet sci-fi adventures (Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Fireball XL5) before moving to live action (UFO, The Protectors, Space: 1999) and Terrahawks was his return to puppetry. But none of his previous series' were as wild as Terrahawks. The ocaisonal puns, the futuristic hardware, the so called pop star singing. Terrahawks was great and this site is designed to educate and inform you about this great show. See the colum on the right for update info. Enjoy!


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